Engineering's new universal antena platform delivers revolutionary flexibility and cost savings to service providers by offering the industry's first universal antenna line allowing the capability to interchange radios

One of the Industry’s Highest System Gain

  • • World-Class Gain Enhancing Signal Strength
  • • Exceptional Antenna Craftsmanship
  • • Minimizing Sidelobe Performance – Reduced Signal to Noise
  • • One of the Industry’s Highest System Gain

universal antena platform is a game changer

  • •Simplifies Stock
  • •Reduces Sparing Costs
  • •Enhances Equipment Reuse
  • •Scalability / Future Proofing

Latest Blog

Latest Trends in RF Testing

  • In addition to the traditional Celluar technology related Test & Measurement requirements, the industry is seeing a huge uptick in Telematics, LEO based Satellite Ground Networks, IOT Devices, etc.
  • New frequency bands are opening up - all the way to 110GHz for open communication
  • Shown above a Keysight 110GHz High speed oscilloscope.
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RF Board CAD Outlook

  • Gone are the days of a 2-Layer RF board. used for high frequency only applications. A 24-layer stack up for regular communications is common place. Huge engineering efforts are now required to carry out EM simulations, Complex Routing etc.
  • Traditional RF CAD tools like ADS are now interoperable with Digital CAD tools like Cadence, Mentor Graphics etc.
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What is all the Smart CIty Buzz About?

  • The Smart City “movement” is gaining momentum from all available indicators.
  • Technology driven management of large infrastructure will heavily improve the living conditions in the congested cities.
  • IOT, Smart Grids, 5G Integration, Intelligent transport, and the list goes on and on.

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